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Reviews of the different diet programs in the market

No Carb Foods: At The Top Of Your No Carb Diet

If you are on a low carbohydrate diet, you will find this list of no carb foods very useful. As you would expect, no carb foods are great for low carb dieters and of course for those following a no carb diet, and it is good to know all of them. Many people who are …

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Low Carb Weight Loss As You Follow The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet (TM) is a method of low carb weight loss developed after Dr Atkins popularized low carbohydrate dieting with his Atkins Diet. Dr Atkins’ original plan was criticized for containing too much saturated fat and not enough vegetables. Although Dr Atkins responded to this by producing a revised version of his diet …

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Dunkan Diet: Low Fat Low Carb Diet Plan

A popular, if extreme, example of low fat low carb diets is the Dukan Diet (TM) developed by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French doctor. The main principle of the Dukan Diet is that you should alternate days where you eat ‘pure’ protein and days where you eat vegetables along with your protein. However, in the …

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Low Carb Diet Plans: Induction Periods

Low carb diet plans will kick start your low carb diet, often resulting in excellent weight loss in the first couple of weeks of your diet. In most cases, you are advised to follow the low carb induction phase for only two weeks. After that, you will begin adding some of the ‘forbidden foods’ into …

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17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet Alternative

So what is the 17 Day Diet anyway? You probably heard already or you will not be looking into this diet plan. This is the latest craze to surface to help us lose some weight. As American are gaining more and more weight the “how to lose weight” market is going up and up! Dr. …

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