Daily Exercise: How to Incorporate it in Your Daily Routine

For many people, finding the desire and will to perform a daily exercise routine on a regular basis is extremely difficult and sometimes even painful. We’ve been trained to think of exercise as something necessary to work off all those delicious calories that we’ve consumed far too many of. As a result, exercise has taken on a negative stigma that causes people to avoid even thinking about it. However, with some simple tips, this article will show you that exercise can be easily included in your everyday life in a seamless manner.

My first simply tip to get you into a daily exercise

The first tip is probably the simplest and you’ve likely heard it before, but it deserves repeating because it is extremely versatile and effective. Take the stairs, park further away, walk instead of driving. We’ve all heard these tips before but it only takes a quick look at the far end of the parking lot or the dust on the stairwell door knob to realize that very few people are actually trying these suggestions.

Simpler is almost always better and this case is no exception. If you don’t want to exercise in your “free time” then you need to incorporate it into the rest of your day. The simplest way to do this is by using these simple tips.

There are very few people that are so busy that they need those extra twenty seconds that they save by parking closer or by taking the elevator. It doesn’t take a mathematician to calculate the calories burned by adding more walking distance into one’s life, it only takes someone who is motivated to keep their “free time” free, and use their daily life in the most effective way possible when it comes to being physically active and incorporating daily exercise.

Exploit what you are passionate about

The second tip is to exploit your interests in a way that allows you to be physically active in some form. The most obvious example would be joining an organized sports league. Sports can be a great way to burn calories, improve social skills, meet new people, stay active, and distract yourself from the hardships of your daily life. Like-minded people always gravitate towards one another so you can bet that there is an organized league for whatever sport you happen to enjoy the most in your city or town.

If you are not interested in or unable to play sports then you can always use a favorite hobby as your opportunity to become physically active. An example might be a cooking class that meets twice a week. Find a meeting close to your house and walk instead of driving. Or, take public transit but get off five stops early and walk the rest of the way.

There are many variations of this tip and with a little imagination you could be burning more calories than you would be if you were on a treadmill every night of the week. Why? Because your will be doing something you enjoy already, and the added daily exercise will not even going be noticed.

Perhaps no-frills exercise is more suited for you

The third tip on how to work exercise into your daily routine is to jump into pure, no-frills exercise. There are some people out there that enjoy raw, sweating-buckets, go-until-you-puke exercise. Some people might thing that these types of people are part sadist but at the same time you have to

Daily Exercise

Daily Exercise

respect their work ethic and commitment to their health. These are the people that use their lunch hour to go for a long run or to hit the gym and lift weights.

While most of us are scarfing down cold, day-old pizza in the lunchroom in between gossip and jokes, these people are out there making the most of the time that they have during the day to keep their bodies in shape. This is obviously a great way to ensure that evenings and weekends are wide open for whatever activities or plans you may want to fill them with.

Take a little bit from each suggestion

The most common method that the vast majority of people will adopt will be a combination of the above tips. Playing sports, going for walks a few times per week, keeping a gym membership, and having home workout equipment are just some of the ways to incorporate daily exercise into your daily life. There are many variables in people’s lives that make it impossible to prescribe a “one size fits all” remedy.

An ideal way to find a balance that works for you would be to try all of the above suggestions and see what sticks. If you find that you don’t have time to run or walk during your lunch break then maybe you could join a sports league that meets a few times per week. If your office has underground parking, take the elevator up to the main floor and then use the stairs the rest of the way. There are many ways to work exercise into your daily routine, it only takes a little bit of imagination and desire to find something that works for you. By keeping in mind your reasons for wanting to be more physically active during your day, it becomes much easier to adapt your lifestyle and strike a balance between convenience and exercise.